Sunday, December 6, 2009

welcome to malted thoughts

This is my attempt to convert my columns and stories about brews, beer rating, cooking, culinary and wine drinking into a blog written in english. Bitter rants, victorious kitchen moments and all things good in life.

Been rating beer for some time now, trying to sample every microbrew I can get my hands on. A recent explosion in cooking interest has led to compulsion to try everything I find interesting, whether that is french cooking or just the basics, and pair it with either beer or wine. Expect writings about the wonderful aromas of an imperial stout, the tenderness of almost raw beef, the sourness of a belgian red or just how bloody the whale was on my dish..

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  1. Sorry to write this as a comment, but I did not find any contact details on your blog. I was just wondering if you would be interested in beer swapping. I could send you some Norwegian micro brews in change for Icelandic ones?
    Please reply to kjempetorsken(a) if this is of interest.