Sunday, May 16, 2010

new stuff!

Finally, after going from very good to good, and then good to almost average, the fine people at Bruggsmiðjan have decided it´s time for something new and innovative. The new product is Norðan Kaldi. But what the heck is it? Being marketed as ale, I´m guessing this is a english pale ale although it doesn´t fall into any particular genre or style. It´s brewed with english yeast with subtle Czech hops and hops from New Zealand (!?). I would be interested in knowing exactly what hops and what yeast is used in this but there is no information to be found on the label. There is a distinctive hops signature with mild notes of malt. Not an instant favorite but something which I can easily say that is the best beer from this brewery (a part from the first batch of Kaldi back in 2006).

The price is whopping though for a domestic beer that´s only 5.4% abv and 330ml, 389 krónur, which is about 3$ and 2,4 euros. A good addition to the growing selections of Icelandic micros.

Don´t get me wrong though, I´m not slating this fine beer. It´s not a pissy yellow lager so I embrace it! It´s good, not very good but GOOD nonetheless.


  1. New Zealand hops are getting very popular these days: Riwaka and Rakau pop up a lot, as does Nelson Sauvin. You'll also occasionally find high alpha Pacific Jade and Pacific Gem now and again.

    The kiwis grow a lot of organic hops so lots of organic-certified breweries in Europe use them.

  2. sounds good, although as a beer nut I wanted to know more about the hops than just having "from NZ" on the label