Friday, August 13, 2010


Being a beer and wine nerd is not always easy for the significant other. She has to tolerate endless talks about hops, grapes, aromas and psychotic hunts for beer bars when visiting a new city.

I am proud to say that my significant other handles this with ease. Not only does she tolerate the fact that I am a nerd on so many levels but she also encourages me. "Have you tried this?" "Let´s have this" are common words when visiting a liquor store. She likes imperial stouts and krieks, but also the occasional lite session beer (she is a woman for god´s sakes!). The best beer she has tasted was Chelsea Blueberry, and was quite interested in trying new things when we visited The Ginger Man last year.

You might ask yourself why the hell I´m babbling about how much my girlfriend likes beer, but liking good beer is not a given when it comes to the significant other in a relationship. I know beer people who have wifes that don´t even taste beer! Let alone encourage a hobby like this. To open up an exotic beer or wine bottle on weekends is a fun thing to do, and even more fun to share with someone that you love and know that will appreciate the finer things in life, like a good complex beer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

those norwegians!

Facts about Norway

1. They own a lot of oil
2. Therefor, they have a lot of money
3. Because of this, beer is expensive
4. And while I am at it, everything is expensive!

They also make good beer, although it´s not widely available. They got the same silly monopoly system as in Iceland, with only two Vinmonopoliet stores in the Oslo city center. I am no stranger to the magnificent beer´s of Nogne O in Grimstad. A quite remarkable story of two homebrewers who got fed up by the lack off ambition in the Norwegian beer industry and started their own brewery. Now, beer lovers can get Nogne O beers around the world. (I found it easier to find Nogne O beers in NYC then in Oslo!) All the beers are bottle conditioned and the owners aim to make quite complex and delicious beers with big palate. True pioneers of the Norwegian microbrewery industry and a very remarkable achievement to run a successful microbrewery in a very tough environment (Those norwegians really love their yellow lagers!).

I picked up this Tiger Tripel in Oslo and found it to be quite a good tripel. Massive palate, whole lot of yeast and sweetness with spicy undertones. Did not disappoint me.. 4/5