Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stone Brewing!

I love Stone Brewing Company. I love all their beers. Arrogant Bastard was an instand hit and before that I had sampled Double Bastard which challenged every single DNA strain in my taste buds.

I bought this bottle last year in New York, was going to keep it for a few years but I decided that such a fine ale could not wait a few years, why not open it tonight in my new apartment?

Sometimes I think it´s a good think that I live in Iceland. I have no access to huge beers like this barley wine, although the local imperial stout is pretty damn good! To have access to beers like this would mean that my basement would not be a storage area, it would be a beer cellar! Just a sniff of the aroma that is rising from the snifter is whiff of excellence to my nose. Hops all around, caramel sweetness, hints of dry hey, very floral and reminds me somewhat of new cut grass and a smell of a barn in the country. Obvious citrus undertones. This has a ridiculously small body for such a heavy beer, a bit too drinkable considering the abv. Sticky sweet with a considerable amount of bitterness that hits the tongue. Long hoppy aftertaste. An excellent barley wine which comes as no surprise considering the brewer..

for those that are wondering, that is the very excellent Supermax - World Of Today that is sitting so nicely on the SL