Thursday, November 11, 2010

finally something right

As the holiday season rolls into town with all it´s mediocre viennas and lack of imported ales, we are treated with something out of the ordinary by one of the macros here in Iceland.

Viking Brewery, although situated in my hometown Akureyri in north Iceland, is not the greatest brewery around. They brew pretty ordinary lager beers, that taste somewhat like a scandinavian version of Heineken. Like every nation in the world, Iceland loves it lager beers, and we who like something else than pissy yellow fizzy drinks are not that many, given the fact that Iceland habits only about 300,000 people. Given these circumstances, everything out of the norm is saluted by me. I´m crazy, I´ve refreshing the monopoly liquor store website because I know Old Foghorn is expected. Some people go to the liquor stores and bring cases of Viking beer out, I´m happy with 2-3 bottles of something different or micros. So I´m quite happy, that a "giant" in the Icelandic beer industry decides to do something different.

The Christmas Bock is full bodied bock, that lacks nothing. It is just as good as it´s German cousins and could easily rank among the best. This was bottled only a few days ago and already it has a nose full of nuts, malt and grass. Big palate, with somewhat creamy finish. This is excellent, and I´m already on my 3rd tonight.

In other news, sadly, Ölvisholt is out of business...