Saturday, June 25, 2011

some new brews!

Been way to long since I´ve blogged about beer..!

There is a new boy in town. Located on the north coast of Iceland, Gæðingur, makes his first appearance nationwide. This little private owned micro, situated in Skagafjörður (icelandic horse Mecha), arrived on the scene almost from nowhere. According to their website they are located in an old barn and aim to produce 300,000 bottles (yes, bottles, not gallons!) a year. The owner aim to make things both simple and old fashioned, something that will go very well in northern Iceland.

They brew two beers, light and dark, i.e. a lager and a stout. I´ve only sampled the stout and I liked it. It´s unfiltered, pitch black with a dense brown head. Huge aroma of liquorice, chocolate and some smoke. It´s a bit rough around the edges, very tasty although a bigger body to support would have been nice. Being 5.6% abv, this is a nice session stout. Will buy again and hopefully the lager has some taste also..

In other news, I was just stateside, hitting the south rather hard and sampling a few dozens. I'm thinking of writing a review of the mind boggling adventure my tastebuds went through, sampling countless of double/imperial IPA´s. I also stumbled on a really nice brewhouse in the delightful city of Greenboro. s

Natty Greene´s is located in the heart of Greensboro, on Elm Street. Far from being a nightmare, this visit to this wonderful street was quite the adventure. Although Natty Greene´s all year round beers are not the best I´ve had, they brew pretty good seasonals and one kick ass IPA. It also boasts of the best patio I´ve seen, and the food is amazing.

In the mean time, grab yourself a bottle of Gæðingur Stout, and enjoy this old fashion brew!