Wednesday, February 8, 2012

doing things right

living in Iceland is a privilege. Untouched nature at your doorstep, clean air, hot water, being hip and having Björk. But not everything is great. If you have been reading this blog you will know that the beer industry has moved in a right direction since mid last decade. But recession hit, left wing government came, super taxes were born (highest VAT in the world), no new jobs and company generally finding it hard to cope with the current business envirement. So, new innovative beers are not something that you could expect.

But behold, in this snowy winter, during the darkest of the hours a giant is born. A massive imperial stout, and only roughly around 3000 bottles produced. They were sold out within a week, and the few people on this icy rock who actually like beer were in heaven for those few days. Brewed by Borg, a somewhat of a concept brewery owned and operated by Egils, which have not done decent beers since the dawn of time. Things are changing, and when the public were turning more and more to micros and privately owned breweries, they were forced to meet the demand of creative craft beers. Borg was born and have been doing pretty decent things since.

I´ve sampled quite a few imperial stouts during my stay on this earth and this is up there with the very best. A very smooth and complex brew, some notes of wood, anis, attic, soft carbonation with some oak flavors. A great brew, that hopefully we will see again mid winter 2013.


  1. I have tasted this beer hundreds of times! The first time I tasted it, it was actually lighter than I thought. The aftertaste of the process of brewing the liquor in oak barrels compliments the malted barley very well. I want to see this soon in a beer dispenser! LOL!

    Rob Feckler

  2. well actually, although 100´s, if not 1000´s of imperial stouts are brewed world wide, this particular one did only see 3000 bottles, with 3 days on sale domestically. So 100´s of times must be a big partion of the batch ;)