Tuesday, February 14, 2012

feeling nostalgic... or almost

Anchor Old Foghorn was the very first Barley Wine I ever tasted, back in 2002. It might not count as nostalgia but every time I have this delicious brew it takes me down the road, and makes me truly appreciate it. It´s not for the faint of heart, three times the malt as in a regular brew, heavily hopped and high on gravity. In my opinion, there is something old school about this brew, something I can´t quite put my finger on. It´s deeply complex, thick and heavy, but also quite quaffable. It is also the beer that got me hooked on "big" American craft beers.

It´s not something that comes cheap here in Iceland, about 7-8$ a pop. I told a friend a while ago that I could live by having only Anchor beers, they have a decent session beer (Steam), an outstanding pale ale (Liberty Ale), and an extraordinary porter. Anchor also proofs the fact that you don´t have to dig deep to get a decent craft beer, it is widely available, not only in the states but also in some places in northern Europe. On a dark and cold winter night, almost nothing is better than a glas of this elixir of the Gods..

"Gamli Þokulúður", I salute you!

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