Saturday, April 21, 2012

bigger beers

The beer landscape is changing over here. Taking small baby steps from time to time, towards a brighter and more hoppier future. Beer geeks have started importing beer which is a good thing. Until now we have been bound by decisions by importers that favor lager beers or dont want to invest in bigger beers for the smaller audience.

A new line of beers will soon be made available over here, namely BrewDog beers. For those who dont know, a couple of 24 year old geeks in Scotland decided to open up a brewery back in 2007, to try to make bold beers with taste in a market dominated by poor lager beer. The persistence paid off and few years later they have expanded and have 7 beers in the UK. Not so shabby... and the beer is fantastic.

Last night I tried 3 of them and rating are as followed

BrewDog 5 am Saint

An Amber ale really bursting with fruity and hoppy flavors. Perfect balance between malt and hop give this beer exquisite taste and not such a bad hop bite for those not used to it. Both explosive and subtle, really fantastic.

BrewDog Punk IPA

A really good entry-level/session IPA. Floral citrus aroma, some sweetness and grass on the tongue. Long lasting bitter citrus aftertaste. Nice session beer!

BrewDog Hardcore IPA

Double/Imperial IPA and the first we see here in Iceland. Weighting at about 150 IBU´s I was expecting a monster. The sweetness balances well with the bitterness, leaving this beer as the perfect desert. Exceptional!

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