Friday, April 6, 2012

Einstök White Ale

Einstök White Ale, I think I´ve never blogged about the strange but fun concept that Einstök is. Basically, Americans with great taste are brewing beer in the north of Iceland, or contract brewing to be exact. Which is a very good thing...

This is my favorite of the bunch, but so far they have put out a porter, pale ale and a chistmas double bock (which was kind of amazing).

Einstök White Ale is an unfiltered Belgian whitbier, huge coriander and orange aroma and very easy on the palate. Although the label is a bit cold, here you have the perfect summer beer, and my word how good this must taste on a hot summer day right after doing the lawn.

One thing about the hugely filtered picture I took on my S II of this beer. I think that whitbier is the hardest beer to pair with a good glass. You cant drink it out of a tulip since it destroys the head and generally makes it look worse than it actually is. The Blance De Namur glass is sublime for belgian whit. Narrow but beautiful, makes this look very good, and fun how the yeast that was in the bottom makes the beer very cloudy.

There has been a bit of a wheat beer craze brewing for some time here in Iceland. Ölvisholt have been brewing Freyja (a filtered whit) for some years and gotten good appraisal from Icelandic beer drinkers. Now we have this and two on the way, one from Viking and one from Borg. I think lager drinkers over here are developing better palates..

Also, if you are reading this stateside, Einstök should be available widely in California and in some states on the east coast!

Beware, this is HUGELY drinkable...

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  1. just tried this beer and really enjoyed... on the pale ale now, less impressed!