Monday, May 28, 2012


Borg Brugghús released this beast over the easter. I was not that impressed, maybe I was too much of a style-nazi. Dry hopped Belgian should sound good, and taste equally good. I was not having that, thought it was more of a big american pale ale, or a belgian brother of an american IPA, which also would not be bad.. (remind me again why I did not like this beer when it came out!?)
I came across a bottle at my uncles house this weekend and brought home. Thought it would be interesting to sample when it had aged a bit. And whoa.. what a glorious brew! The hop character was still there but very nice balanced with malt and sweetness. Very sweet hop infused belgian. Loved it! Borg are beginning to make quite a name for themselves when it comes to seasonal brews, having made the god almighty one of the best imperial stouts in the world last January.. More of this please