Thursday, July 19, 2012

Icelandic ale

The birth of a new style maybe?

Borg´s latest offering is Snorri, which is labelled as an Icelandic ale. Don´t know what the base is, but this feels a lot like a subtle saison or bier de garde with it´s very dry finish. This is the latest "testing-the-boundaries" brew that Stulli and Valli brew and the main selling point is the addition of arctic thyme in this beer. The final product is quite lovely, I sampled this when it was in production and found it incredibly interesting, sampled it again very fresh when it was newly bottled, did not think it was that great then but now, a few weeks later, this is another brew. Slightly acidic with a fine and subtle floral bite. Bone sucking dry! Very nice and ethnic!

This must be welcoming new to any beerlover that is visiting Iceland because this beer is only> available in the duty free at Keflavík airport..


  1. I am looking forward to eventually trying the finished product. I had a few glasses of it about a week before bottling. I enjoyed it a lot even when it wasn't carbonated. It reminded me a lot of the Fraoch Heather Ale that Williams Brothers does which is a big plus for me since I am very partial to that beer.

  2. yeah, I agree, when not carbonated it was pretty damn promising. The first bottles I tried were a bit of a let down, I find it remarkable though just how much this has changed in a short period of time. in 10 days the beer got much cloudier, the first bottles were almost clear just with a small amount of sediment. Now, very cloudy! Now it´s also pretty damn tasty. I´m almost out of the case though (lol), I´m saving 1 for you, a 6 pack for cellaring and a couple of bottles I plan to open up during the weekend.