Monday, July 2, 2012

summer beers!

The summer is here and we have had an exceptional good month of july, almost 60 degrees every day (that´s hot in Iceland) and weather like that calls for something refreshing..

The saddest thing about all this is that only three breweries have summer beers, and only 2 of them are widely available.

Borg Sumarliði

I love Borg, although not technically a micro brewery, they are simply awesome! Boasting the most talent in the brewing industry around these parts, they are always coming up with interesting ideas and beers. Sumarliði is both incredibly interesting and also very refreshing! Before I go into details I must state that wheat beers bore me, I think they are overrated and the style cannot expand. Borg proofed my wrong. Sumarliði bags a kick that you might not expect, being a German wheat beer at around 6% abv. Very yeasty but with a slight hop character, murky with a big nose of bananas, yeast and some tiny hints of clove. Full palate and very tasty and very good considering the style, a bit of a cross between a being a fully fledged German but has some American influence

Víking Sumaröl

I said that I dont like wheat beers, I especially dislike Belgian wits. I think they are boring and like the German version, done to bits! I do like the occasional Hoegaarden once in a while but if it says wit and not brewed in the States, I will not buy it.
I remember I had this wit in the early stages, it packed a bit more punch then the final version and I remember almost liking it! The final version is a bit toned down, but it does have the Belgian character. I cant slate this brew, since it is fairly well brewed, but wit´s in general...? nahh! This is a big seller though, since craft beer is getting quite popular. Although there is nothing craft or micro about Viking, it is a bit out of the ordinary for the regular drinker and women seem to like this (obviously!).

There is a third summer beer which is also a wheat beer. When this is written I have not dragged my ass down to the very awesome Micro Bar to try it but it is from maybe the smallest brewery in Scandinavia, in the north of Iceland, in a fjord called Skagafjörður, namely Gæðingur Hveiti. Since I like almost every beer they pull out (session-wise, they have not been into extreme brewing, at least not yet) I have quite high hopes for it..

More on that and Micro Bar later.. until then, cheers!


  1. That Viking wit was the Einstok alternate summer brew from what Valli told me.

    I still have the bottle of Sumarliði. It will be gone by this weekend though. As for wheat beers I agree that they have been inundated and can be a bit boring at times. That said, they do serve a valuable purpose. They are an excellent "gateway" beer to get folks into drinking craft brew.

  2. this has been an excellent gateway beer and a big seller here, but maybe it proves that the public is very gullible when it comes to marketing, cool label and a beloved trademark makes an easy buy.