Friday, November 9, 2012

international stout day

here in the background is also an amazing barley wine, more on that later

Oh, fun! International Stout day was yesterday, and I visited the dark side of course.

First all, I have a weird relationship with stouts and porters. I like them, I like them a lot. They are, if well made, very rich of flavors, and incredibly satisfying. But every time I visit a liquor store I always head towards the bitter and funky stuff.

Things are on and upwards at Borg as usual. Their latest brew just hit the shelves and it is a rich and robust porter. It´s not a stout per se but we all know just how vague the line between a stout and a porter is. And it´s a discussion I will not go into in this post. Added to all richness of a base porter, Borg have added specially roasted coffee beans to this ale, imported from Colombia. It adds more depths of flavors and the final product is incredibly tasty and holds up well compared to the signature porters of both England and the USA. I have had this brew with a nice steak and it was truly awesome!

The second beer of the night was more true to what the day was all about. A crazy imperial stout! De Molen are one of those brewers that have incredible hype around them. They are brewing 100´s of beers (a la Mikkeller) and the beer nerds are going crazy. I was so lucky to have a visitor from Holland (Hi Martinus!) that brought along a few De Molen bottles for me to sample. I sampled the "regular" Hel & Verdoemenis a few nights ago and it was a bit of an anti climax. Sure it was good but a bit unbalanced. So my hopes for the 666 version had dampened a bit I still knew that I was in for a really special beer. And boy, what a beer, what a beer experience and what nirvana of beer gods! Massive complex aroma, where the cognac truly shines, along with some funk, dust and oak. First a bit acidic on the tongue but then you are brutally hit by the fist of this beer. It slaps you around and calls you "Susan" again and again and by the time you finish the glass you have no clue what just hit you. What hit me was an almost perfect imperial stout.

I hope you all did wonder outside your tiny little box and sampled some stouts and dark beers yesterday. It´s an awesome day, and it is always fun to have an excuse to try something new.

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