Thursday, February 28, 2013

happy times!

Since Google has changed Blogger for the better I am staying for the time being, but new site from scratch is in the making and is a long term project. Day 1 of Reykjavik Beer Festival was yesterday. It's a small festival that goes on for 4 days with 1-2 breweries per evening. Last night was good stuff, the local importers of Mikkeller and Migration Brewing from Portland.

Migration was a bit of a surprise gig, but was also very interesting. What a tiny brewery from Oregon is doing here baffles me, but they served up some good brews, a dry hopped pale ale with a massive west coast feel to it, and an "Old Al", named Old Silenus, which was on the sweet side. Both very delicious.

Tomorrow is Borg's night, so I am going to cover that event big time over here.

 No matter what, this weekend is going to be BIG, especially with a bottle of this waiting for me to crack open. Stay tuned!